The Homestead Trust is a charitable organisation run by Jane and Paul Walker.

Jane and Paul are based in the Epping Forest  area of  Essex, where they have lived since 1990.  They have been married for over thirty years and have four adult sons.

Paul has been in ordained ministry for over 25 years. He is a Chaplain for SEPT NHS Trust , based at St.Margaret’s Hospital in Epping. He also has a Mental Health Nursing degree and is an RMN employed by The North Essex Foundation Partnership Trust as a CPN for people in crisis situations. He is currently the Chair of the West Essex Mind & Spirit Group.  Paul was appointed as the Minister of Epping Green Chapel in March 2010.

Jane is a graduate midwife and RGN. She is currently employed by the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust as a midwife. She leads the Worship and women’s ministry at Epping Green Chapel.  She has produced a CD to help support the Challenge ministries in Swaziland – this involved other family members who sang, played instruments and did the graphics for the cover etc. it was a wonderful project and we thank God for the opportunity!!

For many years the couple have been involved in local and international aid projects.

In December 2008 they visited a project running at Hawane farm in Swaziland and were invited back to work there from May  2009. They worked at Hawane Farm until mid March 2010. Hawane Farm  is a centre running a children’s orphanage , hospice , addiction centre , training project and women’s refuge.

Paul & Jane took a team back to Swaziland in November 2010 and whilst there were able to attend the graduation of Nokutle , the swazi lady , who was sponsored for her nursing training.

They returned to Swaziland again in November 2013 and were able to see the progress being made in all areas as well as to pass on funds and gifts from the UK .

They continue to lead activities in local schools and hospitals as well as fund raising for ongoing mission trips/needs.